Bound Luci May Sucked

Luci May Bound

Luscious Luci May restrained and ready.

Wow!  How hot is this?  First off, I NEED the outfit that Luci May’s sexy friend is wearing.  She is so freaking hot in that sexy little black dress.  Just perfect.  That’s just the thing to wear for an evening of fun with tranny temptress Luci May.

This video is one of my hottest fantasies brought to life!  The thought of being all dressed up, so sexy with Luci May restrained for me to do what I want with is getting me worked up.  I’m so hard in my panties right now imagining myself on my knees in front of her taking her hard cock in my mouth and slowly enjoying every inch of her sliding in and out of my lips.

I could work that cock for hours with my tongue, keeping this gorgeous t-girl on the brink of cumming before finally letting her unleash her hot cum all over my waiting mouth and face.  What a treat!

Just the thought of it has my throbbing dick moistening my panties a little.  Excuse me, I’ll be in my bunk!

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Crossdresser Offers Her Asshole

Sexy T-Girl Luci May in lingerie

Tranny temptress, Luci May in sexy stockings.

At first glance, Luci May looks rather innocent in this floral dress she’s wearing.  First glance would be wrong.  Luci is anything but innocent, and she’s clearly wanting to have some naughty fun in these pictures.

Sliding out of her little dress, she takes some time to wiggle seductively on the bed while slowly removing everything but her silky stockings.  The stockings stay on, because Luci May knows how to tease a hard dick.  First she slides out of her lacy panties.  This sexy T-girl is desperately craving a cock in her tight ass.  Then her cute bra comes off and she’s left face down, ass up on the bed just waiting to be plowed.  This is where my mind drifts to as I reach in my panties while looking at these hot tranny pics.

Luci has me wishing I was there with her on that bed.  I’m wearing black stockings, and I keep my bra on.  I feel more sexy with a lacy black bra on, and I caress the lace as I slowly take my position behind Luci, not wanting to waste any time.  She’s already got my undivided attention, and I’m ready to go.

I grab both of her hips, and slowly slide my fingers down her thighs, savoring with my fingertips the silky feel of her nylons.  Then my hands are back on her hips as I slowly and deliberately slip my cock between her cheeks and in to her ass.

I pump deep and slow at first for a few minutes, running my fingernails up and down her back before reaching around and grabbing her stiff shaft with my hand to give her throbbing tranny cock some attention.  I stroke her cock in time with my deep thrusts in her ass.

Our bodies grind against each other, and I feel her ass quiver.  She’s about to cum, and the tightening of her ass on my cock sends me over the edge.  Her ass quivers again, her tranny cock throbs in my hands and all at once I shoot a hot load right in her hole while she cums all over my hand and the bed sheet.  It’s like an earthquake as we cum together.

I pull out and she lays back.  I lay beside her, our still quivering dicks rubbing against each other as they twitch.  She licks her cum off of my fingers before sharing it with me with a deep, long kiss.  We melt in to the bed sheets together.

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Sexy TGirl in Short Skirt and Stockings

So very few things turn me on as fast as a hot tgirl in sexy boots and stockings.  Something about the boots really adds to the sexiness of some silky stockings with lacy tops.  Lucy May is dressed just right in this hot photo set to get my heart pumping and my cock throbbing inside my pantyhose.

Hot tgirl in stockings and boots

Lucy May's teasing you in her sexy boots.


Seeing Lucy May spread her legs on the floor, with her silky stocking tops showing, makes me want to crawl down there with her and take that hard cock of hers between my lips while she slowly fucks my mouth.  What’s your Lucy May fantasy?  Tell me all about it in the comments.  I want to know what you’d do with this sultry crossdresser.


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Sexy Bound Tranny

Luci May in tranny bondageSexy T-girl, Luci May, always causes a rise in my panties. Her bondage photos in particular send my heart racing with delight. Lately I’ve really gotten in to bondage a lot more, and rope bondage in particular. These hot pics of Luci May tied up on a table, with her big cock pressed tightly against her sheer panties are just absolutely stunning. I honestly can’t decide if I’d have more fun having my way with this sexy tranny all tied up and helpless before me, or if I’d rather trade places with her.

What about you? What would you do with a sexy t-girl prisoner of your own? I think I’d start by putting on my sexiest lingerie, and slowly kissing my way up those gorgeous, stockinged legs of hers until I got up to her throbbing cock. Of course I’d spend some time focusing my lips around her lacy stocking tops, but after that it would be all tranny cock in my mouth. Just imagine her unable to stop you as she wiggles around and moans while you have your way with her… I’ll leave you with that thought as you look at the rest of the pics in this crossdresser bondage gallery. Don’t forget to check out the full set at Luci May’s own website!

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